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Robotic unscrambler with pucks

The pickFeeder Series unscramblers are consolidated in their version with pucks system

5 years ago, thanks to the constant aim of innovating in the packaging industry, the Packfeeder’s team presented the robotic unscrambler for containers with 1-2-3-4-5 robots. What started in that moment, has already been consolidated both in the version with delivery to a classic conveyor and in the version with delivery and placement in pucks.

Especially this latest development of the Packfeeder’s team is the adaptation of our pickFeeder robotic unscramblers to lines that work with pucks system. As it couldn’t be otherwise, all the characteristics and advantages of the pickFeeder Series range have been maintained:

  • It is a highly versatile system for present and future needs thanks to the fact that in its design flexibility has been considered as the main criterion, from the introduction of containers in the hopper until they come out through the exit conveyor. Each of the elements that participate in the process are prepared to be flexible for facing future unknown needs. And, each one is in charge of what they know how to do best: the robots take the containers in a horizontal position, the intelligent carousel picks up the containers and carefully inserts them into the pucks.


  • Precise and efficient puck positioning concept. As the picking process done by the robots is separated from the process of introduction into the pucks, any hypothetical limitation of robots’ vacuum grippers would not affect the efficiency of the pucks system because the two functions are separated. By transferring the containers from the robots to the intelligent carousel, we are recentering them, which means we are eliminating any possible deviation coming from the robots or the vision system. That is why the introduction of the containers into pucks can be carried out with such high precision.



  • Increase of the productivity per m2. The availability of space is a common limitation among packaging plants, so maintaining a reduced layout while ensuring access and ergonomics are key aspects, not only for the installation of the equipment but also for its operation. Thanks to the process carried out and to that it is the most efficient robot on the market, the equipment works at speeds from 50 to 400 containers per minute.


  • Solid intelligent vision system for future challenges. The strategy followed by Packfeeder for the vision and detection of containers is based on two main factors that help create a solid solution: the superior position of the camera and lighting instead of using backlight technology and, on the other hand, the system’s capacity for learning thanks to the advanced software application developed.


  • The delicate design of the containers treatment. Given the origin of Packfeeder in the high cosmetics and personal care industry, the entire process related to the handling of containers is evaluated to ensure the best treatment and care possible. Different quality tests are done during the adjustments and validation of the equipment in our workshop and also, during the start-up at the customer’s plant. Special finishes, materials and geometries are applied to guarantee the highest quality levels for the most delicate containers.



  • Trusted experienced partner. To each of the solutions we offer, we apply our extensive experience in the packaging machinery industry with 20 years focused on the container unscrambling technology. Since the development of the pickFeeder Series robotic range, we have been testing thousands of bottles from previous projects so the technology is fully tested and validated. Proof of this are the big brands that trust our service and our solutions.


There are several reasons that place us as a benchmark in the world of robotic feeding and robotic unscrambles with pucks. One of them is our extensive presence in projects with these characteristics. In addition, the reality is that the number of new projects that we are starting with this new technology is very high. We have great growth expectations in the short, medium and long term.

We are very satisfied with the contribution we are making to the cosmetic industry, personal care, house hold, always in the line of improving production processes.


pickFeeder Pucks

Our team of engineers has developed the version with pucks of the already consolidated range of robotic unscramblers for those projects and packaging lines in which it is required to transport the jars inside pucks. So, it is possible to add this additional function to the system. Always maintaining the optimal process and flow of containers, in addition to a very compact layout.

This new robotic unscrambler with pucks is characterized by the great efficiency and effectiveness of the actual process of introducing the container into the puck. This is due to the use of highly flexible technologies capable of working with an infinite number of different containers,  pucks of all types and at variable speeds. Thanks to our system, it is ensured that all the pucks that come out of the unscrambler are loaded with the container, thus maximizing the productivity of the complete packaging line.


These types of applications with pucks are specially designed to ensure the stability of the containers so they can continue without any problem through the different stages of the packaging line. Mainly, it works with unstable or very small containers. Although, we also find some cases where there are other factors such as the impossibility of accumulation or the use of fragile materials such as glass.

An advantage to take into account is that, without a doubt, the use of pucks in packaging lines facilitates the change of format of the entire line, standardizing the mechanisms and assemblies that make it up.


FachPack 2021

We want to take the opportunity to do a little recapitulation of FachPack 2021, which took place last November. It is one of the most important packaging shows in Europe and the last one we have attended.

For us it was a very special event because it was the first show in which we participated after all of them were canceled due to Covid-19. Also, it happened that our last show was also FachPack 2019.

At first we had some doubts about whether people would attend, the interest and the activities, since the situation was still delicate. Finally, we were very excited and confident to participate, especially to be able to be next to our German and Central European clients and partners.

The reality is that there were many visitors and it can be said that it was a complete success. We met up with old contacts and established new relationships with partners and customers. With all of them we were able to share the news of our technology and also talk about their current production, distribution and supply challenges.

It was the occasion to show off a piece of equipment from the pickFeeder Series, which, as always, generated a lot of expectation among visitors, especially among manufacturers that require high production flexibility. Also, we were able to explain the details and show live the benefits that this technology can bring.

The pickFeeder robotic unscrambler served as a basis for discussion of new projects and ideas with full-line manufacturers and integrators, all of them with very interesting approaches to digitization and industry 4.0.

We also exhibited a Micra 200 equipment, the smallest model of our family of mechanical positioners in-Line Series that we have been manufacturing and supplying for almost 20 years.

Without a doubt, we will participate again in FachPack 2022 contributing in the technology of packaging unscrambling. We hope to meet again with all customers and partners. But above all, we hope to bring interesting news to the industry.