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Posicionador robótico de botellas y envases Pickfeeder.

The new robotic bottle unscrambler Pickfeeder

Innovation and experience into the new Pickfeeder bottle unscrambler

In Packfeeder, once again, we have done the innovation as our reason for being. Our commitment to efficiency has taken us to design a new unscrambling system with robotic technology. The Pickfeeder robotic bottle unscrambler has been the result of joining innovation with more than 40 years of experience in the packaging sector.

Versatility has always been a challenge for us and now we believe that we have answered it. The new Pickfeeder bottle unscrambler is the most versatile and fastest on the market.

Everything revolves around flexibility. The design of the Pickfeeder series is based on the search of the maximum capacity of adaptation and efficiency.

Thanks to the combination of delta robots with an intelligent track system, it is the robotic bottle unscrambler with the most versatile change that exists at present. Can be configured up to four robots, providing a huge range of applications and possibilities. Also, has been optimized the performance of the intelligent systems that form it. And, has been ensured the stability of the containers that are delivered to the line.

Robotic bottle unscrambler

Robotic bottle unscrambler.

Even though are many the features of the new robotic positioner, the most outstanding and remarkable ones are:

  • The best ratio bpm / m² in the world.
  • Automatic ChangeOver feature.
  • Up to 400 bottles per minute.
  • Orientation unit built-in.
  • Easy configuration system for pucks.
  • Big modular hopper embedded (starting at 1.000L).
  • Completely accessible and ergonomic.
  • Remote assistance connection.

Apart from the features previously mentioned, as our priority is the adaptability, the big modularity of the equipment allows adding optional complements according to the necessities of the client maintaining the same size of the layout. Among others, can be included cleaning, coding, traceability or orientation systems.

The new Pickfeeder provides all the required advantages to optimize to the maximum the production in the lines. Above all, to be honest, what likes us the most and what we are more proud of is that the stoppages and adjustments for changing the format have finished.  The big versatility and simplicity of the usage, allows the client to program the new formats easily and rapidly. And, especially without the need of turning to the supplier.

The functionality of the equipment has been thought to meet the needs of highly competitive and demanding sectors as the pharmaceutical, cosmetic or personal care. However, we are very surprised at the big reception that is having in other sectors like the alimentary or home care. The options are increased greatly with the Pickfeeder series.

Robotic bottle unscrambler Pickfeeder.

Robotic bottle unscrambler Pickfeeder.


Our team is very satisfied with the reception that has had this new technology.

The received comments coming from clients, collaborators and people who have visited us in the different trade shows we have assisted to, have been very positive. Even some of our suppliers have talked about us, like HEPCO and PPMA. In the case of HEPCO on their web has been published a video of the Pickfeeder, that also can be found on their YouTube channel. And, PPMA has published a very interesting article we are very grateful for.

All this motivates us to continue working on new updates and improvements so Packfeeder can continue being a benchmark in the packaging industry.

To end, as everything is easier to understand with images than with explanations, in our YouTube channel you will find a video where is seen clearly how the Pickfeeder functions and works with the different formats without needing of adjustments. Also, you will find more details in our web and if you need more information do not hesitate to contact us.