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Range of in-Line unscramblers

Wide range of systems
and machine models
for unscrambling bottles

Range of in-Line bottle unscrambler system

The in-Line series from Packfeeder has a wide range of systems and models of machines for unscrambling bottles of different dimensions, characteristics and materials, with speeds that can be adapted to the different production needs. The in-Line Packfeeder bottle sorter system can work efficiently with packages of very different volumes, from small dimensions of 3-4ml to large packages of more than 1L, at a wide range of speeds that can reach 500 u/min.

STD range

The most versatile and complete range

The STD range of the in-Line series is comprised of different sized bottle sorters that adapt to the different volume needs of packages and production speeds.

They all provide extraordinary versatility, which allows for them to work with countless products, as they can be configured according to the needs of a wide range of industrial sectors.

Their main characteristics are:


Very simple to use and assemble.

Plug & play

Simple “Plug & Play” installation.

Adjustable speed

Ability to work at low, medium and high speeds.

Multiple configurations

Multiple configurations for the hopper, the output transport systems and accessory modules such as the introduction of bottles in pucks, orienting of asymmetric bottles or cleaning of the bottles


Short-term return on investment.

Quality of finishes

Excellent quality of the finishes and components.

ECO range

The “entry level” range by Packfeeder.

The ECO range of package unscramblers has been especially designed for industrial sectors that require rapid return on investment.

These units provide the following features:

Low investment

Low investment to adapt to low budget applications.


Very simple to use and assemble.

Ready to pick

“Ready to pick” units and with optimised delivery deadlines.

Plug & play

Simple “Plug & Play” installation.

Any type of package

For moderate speeds in any type of package and material.

Packfeeder System

Retains all the essential benefits of the Packfeeder bottle unscrambler.

Complementary solutions

Based on the best-suited machine model for each application and the work speed required, the Packfeeder bottle sorting systems can be easily fitted with additional functions thanks to complementary modules that perform specific operations. All these modules are compatible with each other, providing efficient solutions to the different requirements of each production line, maintaining all of the advantages inherent to this unique and exclusive system, which continues to provide greater satisfaction to the entire community of Packfeeder users.

Contact us and we will advise you on the best solution for sorting and unscrambling your packaging.