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Puck introduction

Bottle puck loader

This module adapts the Packfeeder bottle unscrambler to a packaging line that uses pucks to transport products.

The main benefits of the Packfeeder puck system are:

Low cost

The result of its easy-to-operate and efficient design.


Little additional space is required, ensuring that the puck sorter assembly stays extremely compact.


Outstanding ergonomics during use and maintenance thanks to the in-line modularity concept.


It is the simplest puck loading system on the market.

Various formats

Works with both closed and open pucks in any shape and size.

Lean concept

Guarantees that 100% of the pucks are full after passing through the feeder with no additional sensors needed.


System adaptable to existing puck production lines.

Contact us and we will advise you on the best solution for sorting and unscrambling bottles into pucks.