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Packfeeder System

Packfeeder System

The Packfeeder team, with over 40 years’ experience in the packaging sector, has developed a unique system for orienting plastic bottles in packaging lines. This combines a series of unique and exclusive features, which have obtained several international level patents. Its technology allows for simple and intuitive handling, extreme care for the package and reduced costs that contribute significant added value to packaging lines all over the world.

Easy to use

Facilidad de uso

All the equipment and systems designed by Packfeeder are fully intuitive and have excellent ergonomics thanks to the full accessibility and visibility of all of their components. In addition, a visual unscrambling system based on universal chromatic language, allows for rapid adaptation and domain of the equipment by the line operators, end users of the equipment and main actors in the life cycle of the machine.

Quick format change

Cambio de formato rápido

The initial optimisation study of the format elements, the easy access to the different units, and the lightness of these components, allow for the operator to perform rapid format changes. Our design also guarantees excellent repeatability with the corresponding performance improvement of the line.

Tool-free format change

Cambio de formato sin herramientas

The use of concepts such as Lean Manufacturing and SMED, allow for the entire format change process of the Packfeeder orientation system to be completed without using any kind of tools, in a manner in which all the handling is manual, simple and manageable by any operator.

Adjustments Free

Sin ajustes

The Packfeeder equipment requires no adjustments in its format accessories, hence the operator can perform the package changing tasks by simply replacing colour coded elements. A feature that guarantees 100% of the equipment’s capacity after restarting the production.

Permanent Bottle Vision

Visión permanente del envase

The magnificent visibility of the packages provided by the Packfeeder orientation system throughout their entire flow, allows for performing rapid and simple actions if needed, optimising the equipment’s performance and that of the production line.

Extreme container care

Extremo cuidado del envase

Thanks to the use of simple physics based on the effect of gravity and the absence of compressed air nozzles or dynamic rejection elements, all the Packfeeder systems and feeders provide excellent handling of the packages. This is essential in delicate applications involving materials such as PET or PP, in packages with serigraphs, labels or seals.

Small footprint

Optimización del espacio

The concept developed by Packfeeder enables to feed the packages taking up a reduced space in the packaging hall, mainly thanks to its monoblock configuration. This highly compact system adapts well to small spaces, both due the surface it occupies and the necessary height.

Compressed air free

Sin aire comprimido

One of the main benefits provided by the Packfeeder feeders is that they don’t use compressed air, a feature that entails excellent advantages such as low noise levels, low power consumption, they do not generate contamination due to the movement of particles and much more simple and economic installation in plant. Thus, achieving an equipment unit with better performance and more efficiency than the rest of package orientation system.

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