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New needed services for this new situation

Assistance and FAT on remote to avoid travel

The current situation has forced us to adapt to the new circumstances. In this adaptation process, some of the services we offered have turned out to be an advantage, but we have also had to think of new solutions. In our case, the remote assistance that we already had implemented has been a very useful tool and without a doubt necessary. But we also have had to implement new services such as the option of doing FAT tests on remote.

Remote assistance

Being able to offer remote assistance and guarantee the optimal functioning of our equipment, wherever they are, has never been so necessary. Although in Packfeeder we have had this service for years, now has been the perfect moment to put it to the test.

Our Customer Service department, made up of an excellent and highly trained human team, works to give personalized attention to all our customers.

Thanks to remote assistance we can perform many procedures that would require the presence of one of our technicians. Besides the most basic, that would be the quick diagnosis when there is an incident, there are many other things that we can do remotely.

Right now it is very useful being able to carry out actions related to the start-up and installation of our bottle unscramblers. This is due to many companies that are expanding their lines or beginning to produce another type of product to meet the new needs of the population. In these cases, telematic support is of great help to install new packaging formats and new functionalities such as orientation and coding.



Besides, remote assistance also allows us to carry out the necessary preventive maintenance, advancing ourselves to any difficulty and need that may arise for the client. And also, it is a quick way to upgrade the sets of machines, keep control of production and OEE.

All our equipments have this advantage but especially the pickFeeder range. These robotic bottle unscramblers allow even greater autonomy for the customer. As new components to introduce new formats on the line are not needed, the entire process can be done telematically without the presence of technicians or collaborators. That is how it becomes a quick and easy process for the customer.

Another advantage is that in Packfeeder we offer 24/7 assistance, responding to all the needs of our clients and partners internationally. And, to ensure that our bottle unscrambling equipments do not stop the production at any time, we also have an urgent spare-parts service and stocks of critical components.

Remote FAT

All the container sorter equipments that we produce, before being sent to our customers, are always subjected to a FAT test so maximum quality can be guaranteed. The final objective of the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) is to assure the customers that the equipment has been manufactured achieving all their requirements and following their requests.

Until now, this procedure was done in person, either at Packfeeder or at our client’s company. Currently, because of what the health authorities recommend and also because of the different countries’ restrictions, not all test can be done face-to-face. It is for all this that we have included the option to perform the FAT remotely, the intention is that our clients always have the chance of not moving.

Thanks to a system of cameras and visual management, the FAT tests of simpler equipments such as mechanical unscramblers or more complex ones such as robotic unscramblers, can be done online. The process is visualized in real-time and, although it is not very common, the recording can also be sent to the client to be watched in another moment. In addition, as different cameras are used, it is also possible to record certain parts of the equipment in operation for as long as is wanted. Always ensuring the maximum guarantees of quality of the protocol and the procedure.



These are some examples of changes that have taken place in Packfeeder in order to adapt to this situation and our customers. Although remote assistance was a service that we already offered before the pandemic, remote FAT has emerged in the current context and it seems that it will be a more and more frequent option.