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Legal warning

Legal warning


This legal note contains the conditions that regulate the use and access to the web site (of now ahead the place or web page) and the derivative responsibilities of its utilization. It will be understood that the access or the mere utilization of the web site on the part of the user implies the adhesion of the same one in all conditions than PackFeeder S.L.U. it has published in that moment in the web page.



The access and use of the Web Page has free character for the users. The access and use of determinate information and services of the Web Page can only be made previous registry of the user. In the event of the registry of users through identifiers and passwords, the identifier as well as the password will belong exclusively to the person to whom they are granted. The user will have to sustain under their responsibility sole right the identifier as well as the password in the strictest and absolute confidentiality, assuming, therefore, how many damages or consequences of every type derive from the infraction or revelation of the secret.



The copyright of the information, dates, contained, data bases, designs, font codes, structures of navigation and other services or products integrated on the Web Page are an property exclusive to PackFeeder S.L.U., or of the physical or juridical persons that is briefed in each concrete case, for which the User compromises on not infringing any derivative right of the patent rights or intellectual, the total or partial reproduction coming off expressly prohibited of the same ones, its public communication, distribution, or any form of exploitation, except express consent and in writing on part of PackFeeder S.L.U. or of the titular physical or juridical persons of the rights of exploitation according to the case concrete. The user compromises on use the mentioned information and services exclusively for their own needs and on not carry out directly or indirectly a commercial exploitation of the services in which it has access or of the results being obtained thanks to the utilization of the Web Page, unless has obtained express consent from PackFeeder S.L.U. or of the titular physical or juridical persons of the rights of exploitation according to the case concrete. The user forces competitors to not using the facilities and capacities of the Web Page to carry out or suggesting prohibited activities for the law or to attempt to attract the users towards other services.



PackFeeder S.L.U. will be able to carry out the modifications that he estimates in the Web Page, being able to include services and additional contents. PackFeeder S.L.U. will be able to modify the Web Page when it considers appropriate; and will be able to block the access to all or part of the users of the same one, to proceed to carrying out the modifications or repairs that considers necessary in any moment. Under no circumstances, PackFeeder S.L.U. it will be person responsible of the inappropriate operation of the system if this is due to a defective configuration of the equipment of the user or at insufficient capacity to bear the computer systems indispensable to be able to make use of the service.



PackFeeder S.L.U. will not be under any circumstances responsible of the use of the Web Page that the User carries out. The user will abstain of carrying out any behaviour in the use of the Web Page or of the resources being put in their disposal that attempts against the industrial rights or copyright of PackFeeder S.L.U. or of third, that harms or that transgresses the honour, the personal or family privacy or the image in third, either that they are illicit or they attempt to the morality and will leave in any case undamaged to PackFeeder S.L.U. front any claim, judicial or extrajudicial, that is presented before her like in consequence of the mentioned use.



In fulfilment of Spanish Organic Law 15/ 1999, of December 13th, regarding information of Personal nature (LOPD), the information that you facilitate us will come off incorporated and will be treated in a file property of PackFeeder S.L.U. in order to offer a better personalized service and brief punctually of those novelties that can be from their interest. Likewise, in accordance with the mentioned organic law and law 34/2002, of July 11th, of services of the information society and of the e-Commerce, you will have the right to access to this information in the terms fixed by the Law. To eliminate or to modify particulars information you must write to



If any of the clauses included in the present Legal notice it was declared total or partially, null or ineffective, such nullity and inefficiency will affect just to the mentioned disposal or at the part of the same one that is null or ineffective, not subsisting under any circumstances the legal notice in all other disposals, understanding the mentioned disposal, or the part of the same one that worked out affected, for not being written up.