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“Innovation as a
reason for being”

Tomàs Mulet,
founder of Packfeeder

Packfeeder, founded in 2002, specialises in the design and manufacturing of systems for sorting and unscrambling plastic bottles.

Located in Terrassa, within the metropolitan area of Barcelona, this company services leading international brands and industrial groups of a wide range of sectors, such as the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and personal care sectors, among others.

Ingenious Design

Packfeeder, with its unique patented systems in the market thanks to its simple and intuitive designs, allows to transform the most complex tasks into extremely simple procedures, facilitating their use by the end user.


Years’ experience in the packaging sector guarantee our bottle unscrambler system.

The Packfeeder bottle unscrambling systems can be adapted to multiple sizes, geometries and speeds, which makes them one of the most complete ranges available on the market.

Product range

Thanks to a wide range, Packfeeder offers to the customer a complete solution focused on its needs. From the simple, intuitive and easy-to-use in-Line mechanical bottle unscramblers to our state-of-the-art robotic pickFeeder bottle unscrambler with fully automatic format change.


Packfeeder has a team of experts which has unscrambled millions of plastic packages, and their experience helps them to adapt the bottle sorting solutions to the particularities of each production line.


The search for new challenges, the attention to detail and a constant desire for innovation define Packfeeder’s DNA. Their continuous learning is put into practice in the day-to-day and this makes up the basis of the organisation’s progress.