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Maximum versatility
with the pickFeeder system

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Feeder with
puck loader

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Advantages of the
in-Line system

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Integrated bottle
orienting solution

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The most efficient systems for bottle unscrambling

The Packfeeder sorting systems can work efficiently with bottles of very different volumes, from small dimensions of 3-4ml to large packages of more than 1L, at a wide range of speeds that can reach 500 u/min.

Range of bottle unscramblers

Mechanical unscramblers
in-Line series

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Robotic unscramblers
pickFeeder series

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Complementary solutions

Puck introduction

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Bottle Orientation

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Bottle Cleaning

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Industrial Sectors

Packfeeder and the new global packaging scene

In Packfeeder we haven't stopped providing our services, especially to the companies with activities that, like us, have been considered essential.

Bottle orienter module integrated to the unscrambler

In Packfeeder we not only unscramble bottles, but we also orient them. Sometimes it is not enough to have the bottles on the conveyor one after the other and it is also required that they are in a specific orientation. In this case, a bottle orienter is needed.
Módulo orientador de botellas

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