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Equipo Packfeeder y alguno de sus colaboradores en nuestro stand deFachPack 2019

Bottle unscrambling experts at FachPack 2019

FachPack, is one of the most representative trade shows of technology and packaging in Europe.

FachPack 2019 took place, as always, in Nuremberg from the 24th to the 26th of September. On this occasion, the main topic was sustainability and the motto „environmentally friendly packaging“. About 1.600 exhibitors, between them Packfeeder as a specialist at the bottle unscrambling, were there showing their products and novelties. Moreover, was the 40th anniversary of this trade show, so there were a lot of surprises.


Packfeeder had its own stand at FachPack 2019.

Although we have assisted many times, this one has been different. For the first time, we exhibited independently in our stand, a place dedicated uniquely to our products and clients. Also, there were members of Packfeeder and some of our agents in Germany and Central Europe. Specially, we counted on the presence and support of Mr Tillmann Nieß and Mr Klaus Steuckart as collaborators of our projects in Germany.

We took advantage of this edition to establish our presence as bottle unscrambling experts. Packfeeder is a leading company in technology and innovation applied to the packaging industry. The last launchings show our effort to improve day by day and to offer the best to our clients.

Packfeeder as bottle unscrambling experts at FachPack 2019.

Packfeeder, bottle unscrambling experts, at FachPack 2019


At FachPack 2019 we presented some of the solutions we have for the packaging industry. For example, could be observed how works a robotic unscrambler from the Pickfeeder series, a mechanical unscrambler from the In-line series and also a collaborative robot.

Besides, there could be seen some of the new developments in the sector. We were able to meet clients, collaborating companies and agents with whom we already had a relationship and also met many others.

Finally, say that FachPack 2019 exceeded expectations regarding the reception our products had. Once again, thanks to the presented solutions at this trade show, we can consider ourselves bottle unscrambling experts.

Packfeeder is already thinking on the next edition FachPack 2021, hoping to provide more innovations to the packaging industry.

And, to end, we want to express our gratitude to everybody for visiting and joining us during the trade show.